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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


  1. no more phone call or messages after 12 am
  2. no more `mmmuaahhx' in every end of conversation
  3. if want to hang out with me, don`t ever dare to touch me..
  4. respect me as a woman
  5. teach me and guide me if i were wrong
  6. if want to see me, ask permission from my parents first or see me at home in front of my parents..ok?
  7. if i said i`m busy, don`t ever disturb me. no call no message. when i have done my work, i will text you or call you.. don`t too worry about me.
  8. don`t force me to do something that i don`t like and don`t want to.
  9. i want you to remember  and to know that i love you very much, so believe me ok..?
  10. i want you to always believe in me k..
  11. don`t expect me to message with you 24/7.. because i have other commitment and responsibility towards my family and my education..
  12. please understand me ok.. i will understand you..
i really hope that you`ll agree and can follow my rules k.. i don`t ask more than that.. just that`s all..
i want you to know that i love you forever and ever..

p/s* jangan copy okei..kalau nak minta izin atau credit to me first,then haruslah like

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