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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

hari nie tetiba rasa nak update blog.
dah lama tak update.
datang pulak mood rajin nak meng "update"
takde banyak hal pun nak cerita.

cuma first teha nak citer..
  •  hidup nie jngn putus asa.  yeah.. itu yg teha pegang. bila jatuh bangun balik. jangan bila dah jatuh dah tak bngun2 dah.. biarkan diri terus bergolek2.. tdo terus. itu tak bgus okei. bila jatuh bngun, jatuh lagi, bngun lagi, jatuh, bangun, jatuh bangun and begitulah seterusnya. fall in love , fall  out love, fall in love, fall out love.. that will make yourself become stronger and matured, because you will learn more about people`s attitude, behavior. that same goes to me. i have been dumped but i move on. that was not the end of my life. i must keep going. pretending nothing happen to me. but in deep deep of my heart, i want happiness like everybody. but i need to find it myself. happiness will not come to me just like that. i mean in an easy way. i have to give it a try.
second story...
  • exam are coming!!! stress!! all those assignment and presentation need to be submitted within 2 weeks!! but as i said, never ever give up. just face it. just smile. all i need to do is do my part, then the success will come after. 
that`s all i wanna share with you.. 
yang buruk datang dr sy, yang baik smuanya datang dari ALLAH.
yang baik jadikan [pedoman, yang buruk, kamu smua jngn ikut plak tau.. hehe
till next time..
xoxo ^_^

p/s* jangan copy okei..kalau nak minta izin atau credit to me first,then haruslah like

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